Food for thought: Autumn flavours for fuss-free meal planning & waste less

Food for thought: Autumn flavours for fuss-free meal planning & waste less

Aligned to our Singapore Green Plan 2030’s sustainable living pillar to reduce our carbon footprint and saving resources, aside from building on current environmental efforts in schools, it is equally important to leverage on community partnerships to offer people more environment-related learning opportunities through various activities – whether be it on an individual level, on a family and/or friends level, or even on a community level. 

This can include practicing more sustainable lifestyle habits which include fuss-free meal planning to ease on our food wastage. Sprucing up on our once familiar cuisine – whether be it snacks, desserts, or even a hearty meal with diverse new autumn flavours and ingredients and pairing familiar flavours with new tastes bring excitement to once classic seasonal flavours. For example, ube (which means tuber in Tagalog), is a natural purple yam that originated from Philippines. Comes with a smooth texture with a mild, sweet flavour profile, think of its consistency akin to white chocolate so this tuber is ideal for use in sweet treat recipes such as cupcakes, ice creams, waffles, mochi, bread, donuts, and more. 

For those who are mostly on-the-go, consider a one-click shoppable delivery that comes with recipes and meals which are readily available to consume without much preparations once delivered right to your door-step:

1. Little Farms

Little Farms SG

Little Farms is Singapore’s friendly neighbourhood market, specialising in the highest quality and freshest all-natural and organic produce, meats, seafood, dairy, and grocery. Their cafés and bistros craft healthy and delicious meals and beverages with outlets at various locations encompassing River Valley, Katong, Tanglin, Holland Village, and Tanjong Pagar. Offering free and same day delivery from Mondays to Saturdays for online orders over $100, purchasing an affordable meal is just a click away – ranging from products and brands such as Minestrone Soup from Moredough Kitchens (500g at $12.98) to a pack of Asparagus & Buffalo Ricotta Ravioli by Antica Pasteria (350g at $14.98), these ready-to-heat meals are fresh, convenient and packed with nutritious value, allowing you to create restaurant quality meals at home – as we all know that providing a substantial and nutritious meal can be difficult when life gets so busy. 

Address: Katong Point, 451 Joo Chiat Road #01-01

Singapore 427664

Tel: +65 3105 1154


 2. Meals in Minutes

 Meals in Minutes

Portioned and prepped ready-to-cook meals delivered right to your doorstep, Meals in Minutes offers options that include Build Your Box – depending on your taste preferences and perfect for those who are into fitness, or even a busy parent looking to meal prep and spend time on things that truly matter and putting together your favourite bundle where Meals in Minutes personally handpicks a favourite bundle set ($83.20) based on their team’s favourites, good for approximately 4-5 meals comprising 3 types of bases, 4 types of sides, and proteins plus one awesome burger.

Address: 24 Sin Ming Lane, #03-99, Midview City

Tel: 9152 9359


3. Yummy Bros

Yummy Bros

Delicious Asian-inspired recipes loved by millions around the world to be healthier and nutritious, Yummy Bros contain customisable meals with over 14 options are the way to go especially for those seeking for customisable options and portions suited to fit your nutritional needs and taste preferences which means there’s more meat, and less carbs – depending on your own body type, fitness, and nutritional needs. The meals also come with options to select your own portions and sides – simply order a week’s supply of meals, store in your freezer and heat the food up whenever you need to eat.

There’s even a flexible weekly planner to download from their website which is accessible for those who are looking to plan for up to 5 meals per day and up to 7 days. For those who are looking for an eco-friendlier option, there’s a Yummy Brotein option where customers are able to use 1kg packs of healthier versions of our all-time favourites such as Yummy Basil Chicken Brotein ($18.50) and Yummy Mala Chicken Brotein ($20.30) as a meal prep or even as a delicious protein supplement. To keep your yummy meals for a longer period of time and fresher, you can care for your purchased meals by storing them in your freezer upon receiving your order before thawing your meals, re-heating or even steaming or using the oven to heat your meals.

To avoid having to spend time traveling down to the supermarket to buy groceries on a weekly basis, consider ordering these ready-to-heat meals one month in advanced prior to your delivery date to ensure that you’ll have a consistent delivery of pre-packed food in your house while minimising food wastage.  

Address: 65 Chulia Street,

Singapore 049513


4. Yolo Meals

Yolo Meals

Rooted in experience, Yolo Foods is all about delivering the experiences that people enjoy and will remember. Offering Yolo Meals to heat and eat all within 3 minutes, Yolo Foods have more than 90 chef-prepared ready-to-eat meals and a la carte dishes that are pre-cooked, zero prep, and packed with 100% mouth-watering flavours ranging from Herb Chicken ($12.50) to Beef Meatballs ($12.50) that contain the freshest ingredients  to eat within the comforts of your home. 

As part of their ethos that thrive to give back to the community whenever possible, sourcing for ingredients with sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint in mind, there is a strict hygiene code of practice that Yolo Foods practice at all times so you’re able to focus on selecting and building your own meals (i.e proteins, base, sides, sauces and dressings, and snacks) with just a click. Buy 4 meals and you earn 1 free by inputting the code B4F1SG when you checkout on your purchases.

Address: 3 Fraser Street, #05-28, Duo Tower

Singapore 189352

Tel: +65 3159 4348


5. Nutrify Meals

Nutrify Meals

An online meal prep service with a downloadable app focusing on delivering healthy weekly, fully customised meals to help you reach your fitness goals – it is up to you to plan while they cook and deliver meals directly to your doorstep, saving time from traveling out to purchase your meals. There’s a macro calculator where you’re able to calculate your total daily energy expenditure depending on your activity level and goals and how much calories you require to lose, maintain, or gain on a daily basis.

With the above in the mind, you’re able to choose from a selection of meals for the day and week based on the available options such as low carbs, balanced diet, XL, and upsized proteins with balanced diet being the recommended option. A Tom Yum Dory x Broccoli meal will set you back at $8.95 while a Shrimp x Pasta w/ Marinara meal will set you back at $9.95. There is free delivery that comes with $150 spending and meals are delivered chilled rather than frozen so the meals are prep fresh.

Address: 371 Beach Road, CityGate, #B1-44

Singapore 199597

Tel: +65 8646 7620


6. Grain

Grains x Marvel
Ordering meals on demand and building your meal plan for the week are imperative to living a healthier lifestyle without compromising on the convenience that comes with trying out tasty dishes. With their newly launched collaboration between Grain and Marvel, have a taste from the best of both worlds where Grain produces new and exciting dishes paired with Marvel-branded drinks which include chilled Mango Mjolnir ($8.50) and Green Machine ($8.50) with merchandises from Marvel that are designed in-house together with Marvel.
Nourish yourself with the iron bowl with truffle yogurt and capsicum ($16) that contains allium, dairy, high protein, high fibre, and complex carbs which is served warm that warms both your stomach and soul. 

Address: 5 Burn Road, #05-01

Singapore 369972

Tel: +65 3163 5335

7. Fresher


Designed for performance, Fresher is considered the best tasting meal prep for pre and post workout and recovery suitable for both high performing athletes and those who are conscious about leading a healthier lifestyle whether you’re a busy professional or just into fitness and wellness. As each meal is perfectly portioned, Fresher’s kitchen sees drastically lesser food waste, plus you get to enjoy the benefits of a meal that fits your appetite and caloric needs.

If you’re the type of person who is not entirely into breakfast due to the hassle of preparing food, consider purchasing their filling breakfast ala carte options of salmon & cheddar frittata ($10.90) or Turkey Bacon Potato Hash of Russet & Sweet ($9.90). In addition to the available meals, make it a small gift ($10) that consists of a handwritten note for a personalised message and a small selection of local fruits that you can purchase for yourself and your loved ones. 

Say goodbye to delivery wait times through drop offs right outside your doorstep as you’re able to choose your preferred date and timeslot from dawn to night and even on weekends as the meals come packed in an insulated box and sealed with a tamper proof tape which means the meals stay cold and fresh during the delivery process and if you prefer to receive your order personally, pick your preferred timeslot at checkout and be alerted via SMS to get notified.

Address: Mandai Foodlink, 5 Mandai Link #07-07,

Singapore 728654

Tel: +65 91370180


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