Spreading awareness on the environment and climate change with sustainable habits

Did you know that plastic pollution has risen exponentially in the last decades? According to United Nations Environment Programmes (UNEP) it now amounts to some 400 million tons per year – a figure that is set to double by 2040. Oceans regulate our climate and generate most of the oxygen we breathe, underpinning key economic sectors and harbouring biodiversity. Since 2017, 63 countries – both coastal and landlocked – have joined the Clean Seas Campaign with ambitious pledges and important commitments to prevent marine litter and plastic pollution.

On World Oceans Day 2021, UNEP’s Clean Seas Campaign renew its global efforts to tackle marine litter and plastic pollution, with a focus on how individuals can use both national and international laws to push for change. As the campaign aims to break humanity’s addiction to unnecessary and avoidable plastic, the campaign aims to curb the flow of marine litter and plastic waste entering oceans, lakes, waterways – with ambitious pledges and commitments.

Make your commitment today to reduce your plastic footprint and meet the campaign’s goal of gathering 500,000 pledges from individuals around the world here. From traveling sustainability by bringing your own solid soap as it helps to minimise the amount of plastic waste generated within the tourist industry to bringing your own container and ensuring you do not require plastic straws and cutlery when ordering delivery, pledge by reducing unnecessary plastic and advocate for change through small lifestyle habits.

United Nations Environment ProgrammeUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeUnited Nations Environment Programme

Adam JK Pins

Then and Now PinAdam JK Pins

As the arc of time brings positive changes, for then, now, or anytime along the way, the cute little rainbow pin offers a colourful pick-me-up to remind ourselves that we’re continuously doing what we can to maintain our habits to upkeep our sustainable lifestyle whether its reducing our shower time or using your own takeout containers as a replacement of the plastic containers. Packaged in a simple card, the pin can be personalised before gifting to your loved ones.

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