Ways to boost your mental health and emotional wellness

Ways to boost your mental health and emotional wellness

Now that the Covid-19 measures have already eased, group size limits and restrictions for house visitations and dining out are a thing of the past which means we are now able to partake in a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities with our loved ones and make the most of our time with them. Here’s our list of recommended things to do to boost your mental health and emotional wellness together with your family and friends.

The Qi
   Floral Tasting Collection  Daily Ritual Set V2
Floral Tasting Collection and Daily Ritual Set V2 from The Qi

As the summer season is upon us (sometimes it almost feels like its summer all year round here in Singapore), what better way to take the chance to indulge in a glass of refreshing flower tea lemonade that utilise the various flowers from the The Qi’s Floral Tasting Collection that perks up your taste buds and cool down your body temperature at the same time?

Here’s an an easy-to-prep recipe that takes a few simple steps to prepare before sipping on an equally beautiful and delish magical flower garden:


  • Floral Tasting Collection (variety flower tea box)
  • Lemonade beverage
  • 1 cup of boiling hot water per 1 flower tea

How to make:

  1. Make your flower tea as you normally would by pouring boiling water over the chosen flowers in a glass server. You may choose to use 2 of each Shangri-La Rose, Blue Lotus, and Royal Chrysanthemum flowers which amounts up to 6 flowers in total and steep in about 5-6 cups of hot water. [Feel free to adjust the amount of flowers per water ratio depending on how many pax you are serving]
  2. Let the boiling water with flowers steep for at least 5 minutes then you may choose to either chill the glass server by adding in ice cubes or wait for the flower tea to cool down naturally.
  3. Add equal parts of the lemonade beverage to your flower tea and viola! Serve your guests!

Enjoy your glass of refreshing flower tea lemonade in a stylish Daily Ritual Set V2 by The Qi which consists of 9 x individually packed flowers, 1 x glass server, and 1 x bamboo tong which serves 27 pax in total.


Summer Soy Wax Scented CandleLazy Sunday Soy Wax Scented Coffee Candle

    Summer Soy Wax Scented Candle and Lazy Sunday Soy Wax Scented Coffee Candle by Cosy Art London

Crafted in London using only natural ingredients and essential oils, the candles from Cosy Art London are uniquely made and comes in specific scents suited for each user. The summer soy wax scented candle has a breezy scent that reminds one of the salty sea and evokes memories of summer on the seaside. This can be quite refreshing for those who are looking for a hand poured candle that has a warm, calming, and romantic aroma.

Another newly released soy wax scented candle is the Lazy Sunday Scented Coffee candle that smells of coffee which can provide a boost of energy and uplift your mood. For you coffee aficionados, this scent promises a sweet note of hazelnut, atlas cedar, vanilla, and tonka beans - sure to keep you awake for a while. The total burning time for this candle is 40 hours.



Self Care 101 Art Print by Self Love Circle

Self Care 101 Art Print is sure to inspire and bring positivity to any who is looking to find happiness within their space. Comes in A6 size, consider framing up the art print in a contrasting colour (i.e black) that allows the art print to stand out. The art print is printed on high quality 180gsm professional matt paper with high-quality inks for a crisp, sharp print. Serving as a reminder to yourself that simply taking the time out to care for yourself through partaking in certain activities that boost your mood and energy is the definition of self care.


                    Inspirational Embroidered Iron On Patches 

Inspirational Embroidered Iron On Patches by Mindfulthings.co

These inspirational embroidered iron-on patches promote positivity, self-care, and intentional living. Handmade iron-on patches contain simple yet timely messages that are perfectly sized for your outfit, bag packs, denim jeans, and more. Simply place the selected embroidered patches on the spot of your item where you want it to be and put a piece of parchment paper on it then start warming up your iron and make slow circular motions on the patch to ensure that patch sticks onto your chosen item.

Digital Wellness Planner by EasyLifePlanners

Designed to help you live a more balanced lifestyle, this digital wellness planner created by EasyLifePlanners is both digital and printable which means you’re able to physically journal and is an incredible beneficial self-care technique that aids in reducing stress especially since the planner comes with a list of trackers ranging from mood to hydration and steps taken to assist you in keeping track of your lifestyle habits. Additionally, the digital wellness planner comes with 200+ digital stickers which add a fun touch for any user when utilising the tracker as a mood booster.

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