Wellness Tips: Find your qi with affordable self-care rituals

Wellness Tips: Find your qi with affordable self-care rituals

Self Care 101 Art Print

Self Care 101 Art Print by SelfLoveCircle 

Sometimes, the art of self care can cost a hole in our wallets, especially with the launch of costly wellness programmes and retreats. While we’re not against these pricey programmes, it is important to understand the definition of self-care which is simply taking the time out to take care of yourself in ways that work and benefit you and it definitely does not have to be complicated. Below is a recommended list of affordable self-care rituals that will assist you in finding your qi at home or wherever you are.

The Qi

      Daily Ritual Set V2Daily Ritual Set V2

Daily Ritual Set V2 by The Qi

Take the time out for mindfulness and finding mindfulness amidst the continued pandemic situation is essential. If you’re the type of person who is continuously on-the-go, sometimes it can feel wrong to take time away from your tasks to self-reflect, think more clearly and be a better person for yourself and for the people you care about so it is crucial to find time to include this in your day. This can be realised through carving out 10-20 minutes of your day to be alone with yourself in silence and meditating with headphones on while listening to meditative music to quiet down the thoughts in your mind. You can also try to involve the people around you in the meditation practice by inviting them to be in the same space with you through a group flower tea ritual as you serve tea to everyone and sharing the moment of peace and simplicity that comes from enjoying tea together.as we know that shared energy is more powerful than just one person.

Check out the different flower tea recipes to prepare for the people you love depending on their taste preferences.


                 Old Bookshop Soy Wax CandleOld Bookshop Soy Wax Candle  

Old Bookshop Soy Wax Candle by Cosy Art London

 Made out of pure natural soy wax that is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, candles from the Old Bookshop do not pollute the air and has burning time that lasts twice as long as paraffin candles. Utilising natural cotton wicks and fragrance oil from natural essential oils, the old bookshop soy candle is richly scented and evokes the scent of an old library with leather bound books, aged pages, and creaking floors. For the old school book lovers, travel through scents to dusty tomes and leather bound books where dusty romanticism of old books, and aged pages take you through the wonderful pure imagination. 


          Lavender Spray Fragrance Lavender Spray Fragrance

Lavender Spray Fragrance by Geruchasmanufaktur

Get ready for a unique fragrance experience that lets your thoughts wander to France with just one spritz. Known for its relaxing and calming effects, the lavender flower is perfect for winding down and falling asleep. To reach a heightened level of relaxation, consider spritzing your pillow and room at the end of a long day with a lavender fragrance spray from Geruchsmanufaktur, known for its scented products that bring out a wide variety of emotions that can have a significant influence on our mood and health.



Digital Wellness Planner & Habit Tracker by EasyLifePlanners

Designed to help you live a more balanced life and nurture your body, mind, and soul, the digital wellness planner is both digital and printable from EasyLifePlanners. Journaling is an incredibly beneficial self-care technique which does not merely enhance feelings of happiness, but reduces stress, clarifies thoughts and feelings, and ultimately allow you to understand yourself better. Additionally, the planner consists of digital stickers that enhances your planner. Comes with guided plans to plan your nutrition and trackers that range from mood tracker, habit tracker, sleep tracker to vitamins tracker the guided 138-page digital wellness planner will assist in reaching more balance in your life.

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