Working towards zero waste through reducing packaging waste

Working towards zero waste through reducing packaging waste

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According to Towards Zero Waste, of the 1.6 million tonnes of domestic waste disposed of in 2018, 1/3 is made up of packaging. More than half of this packaging is made of plastic, but only 4% of plastic waste is recycled and there is potential to further reduce packaging waste.

With consumer products, they often come with packaging – be it wrapped in plastic, large size paper bags, boxes, etc. Aside from packaging required to carry the product, additional packaging is also used to protect the items for delivery and marketing purposes.

Most of the time, single-used packaging such as disposable containers and used cups also cannot be recycled as they are contaminated with food. In fact, unnecessary packaging is not only a drain on resources, it also adds to the production of waste. Given the lack of space for another landfill in Singapore, we need to reduce the amount of waste we produce to prolong the lifespan of our landfill for as long as we can.

When we speak of sustainability, its usually an end-to-end production line. Over at State Of Mind SG, we reduce packaging waste by eliminating unnecessary packaging, switching to more eco-friendly forms of packaging and in a proper size that fits your purchased item.

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For example, we had intentionally selected Hero Packaging as our choice of mailers as they contribute to a sustainable chain – from purchasing to delivery and shipping of the products right to our customers’ door step. Additionally, we’ve added EcoCart into our store which means for every one of our amazing items that ships, we now balance it with a positive environmental impact through investing in environmentally & socially impactful projects from protecting trees that would otherwise be cut down so that they can continue to absorb carbon from the air to wind and solar farms that create clean energy. Thanks to our partner, EcoCart, simply turn on the Carbon Neutral Order function when you check out your purchases.

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