Tracking Order

1. How do I check the delivery status of my order?
We know that you're excited to receive your purchased item. To track the shipping status of your orders, follow the below tracking steps:

- USPS Shipment Tracking

Visit USPS’s tracking page to find out the shipment status of your package. USPS also allows you to track packages via their app or via text message.

- FedEx Shipment Tracking

Visit FedEx’s tracking page to find out the shipment status. Or, download the FedEx mobile app to check your shipment status or via text message.

FedEx tracking numbers can be formatted in various ways. The format of your tracking number depends on the following things:

  • Size of your package
  • The location of your package
  • How your package is being shipped

For instance, a 10-digit FedEx shipment tracking number looks something like 123 456 789 0. 

- UPS Shipment Tracking

Visit UPS’s tracking page to find the shipment status of your package. Or, download the UPS mobile app or via mobile phone to check the status of your package.

Use the provided tracking number to track the status of your UPS package. Enter up to 25 tracking numbers, one per line. 

- Ninja Van Tracking

Visit Ninja Van's tracking page or access the various messaging chat apps to receive live updates and track your delivery in real-time. 

Use the provided tracking ID to track the status of your Ninja Van package.

2. What do the order statuses mean?

Please refer to the below terms and its definitions to better understand the different stages in the shipping process:

Pending Payment: We are in the midst of updating and verifying your payment and this might take us up to 1 hour.

Packing Your Purchased Item(s): We're putting your order together and it'll be dispatched within 1-2 business days from when your order was confirmed.

Left Our Address: Your order is now with our delivery partner and is on its way to you!

Delivered: If you had chosen your purchased item to be delivered, this means it has reached you and the delivery has been completed.

3. What should I do if my order has been placed but not delivered within the specified time frame?

Please refer to the response to Q1 on checking the shipping status of your order to ensure that your purchased item(s) have been dispatched.

Alternatively, if you require any additional assistance, please reach out to us at with your Order Reference and we'd be happy to help. :)